Monster new with tags NILAS Mountain Hardwear Parka!! Finally finally Finished

WOW I had no idea this parka would have turned out so awesome or I would have finished it 2 years ago.

I was so disappointed when I paid $550 for this jacket and MANY other cheaper jackets had more down than the Nilas. Gear Institute also pointed out how weak the insulation was

I thought I was buying something that would be close to a Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Parka. But I was very wrong, I have always liked the Sub Zero and Absolute Zero Parkas but the Nilas seems like a lightly insulated waterproof windbreaker that should had down put in it but they forgot.




I set out two years ago to fill it up but it was always placed on the back burner. Now that I finally finished it today it is amazing. It turned out better than I could ever have hoped and it is now puffier and warmer than any Absolute Zero Parka I have ever owned. This really is the best of both jackets. it is fully baffled and feels like a warm soft cloud hugging your body. This is now hands down my favorite jacket and I will be buying more to over stuff!

Starting Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.

Overstuffed Weight:  4 lb. 5 oz.

Additional Fill: 43oz.  OR  2 lb. 11 oz.

I now wear a size Large or XL and this XXL Nilas hugs me tightly!!!

It also stands on its own and the best thing is that it is not crazy overstuffed, it is very comfortable to wear and easy to move around in.


Mountain Hardwear’s Nilas XXL Jacket Over-stuffing project



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