Dark Gray black Nuptse XL Project Finished!!

First Jacket I have finished since my surgery!


Photos Are Terrible but I will have WenD come over and I will retake them!!


I added 3 pounds 1 ounce of additional down, yes a total of 49 additional ounces stuffed into this jacket.

It is a super fat bubble PUFFY coat!

I would say it is a size large fit now

Email me if you want it! I will be listing it on Ebay soon

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Overstuffed Montbell baffled down jacket XL $350

This is an overstuffed Orange XL Montbell baffled down jacket. We love this Jacket! it is very thick, warm and Soft!

I will be putting it on eBay soon so if you Want It and want to save $50 and get free shipping send me an email jackets4sale@wasatchdown.com


Let Us know Soon!

Have a Happy Easter Weekend



Elysium Summit Series XXL Pertex Project

We Decided to give this jacket a try, WenD thought is was so soft that she did not want to take it back off. its construction uses baffled compartments instead of the sewn through construction of the Nuptse style so it might not look bubbly but it will be quite thick all the way through the jacket. it also has more compartments so this will take a little longer to stuff.


Anyone out there like big collars? this has quite a large tall collar with no hood and i plan on stuffing it full of down!!

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