Shiny Black Nuptse is Finished!!

It is finished!

The Shiny Black Nuptse weighs a total of 5 pounds 2 ounces. the total additional down added was 3 pounds 4 ounces.

a 5 lb weight was placed on the jacket to so how thick it is compared to and unfilled jacket.

Laying flat the jacket is 8 inches thick at the chest:)


Photos of the jacket on a model will be posted shortly. She is on Her way over and eager to slip them on;)


Before Photos
Before Photos
Before Photos
Before Photos
Before Photos
Before Photos

 These are obviously the After Photos:


Puffy Nuptse Jackets OverStuffing update (Check Out the Photos)!!

Just a quick update on the gray Nuptse and the shiny Black Nuptse!

The Gray Nuptses original weight was 1lb 13ozs

The Shiny Black Nuptses original weight was 1lb 14ozs.

Both jackets are nearly complete and the Shiny Black should have almost 3 pounds of additional down when it is done.

The Gray should have  ~2lbs of extra down!!

They look amazing and turning out Very Puffy!

If you want these before they are listed on eBay Let Me Know!